“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

4 Natural Cancer Cure Options based on Scientific Research

Ever since my mother died of cancer 2 years ago, I have been looking for a natural cancer cure that I may need in the future, having read that a lot of the time this disease can be genetic. Having known that my great-grandfather, and my maternal aunt had also died of cancer, it seemed to be pretty much in the family, and I needed to look for a remedy before it got me!

Every day, 20,000 people die of cancer. In the 1900s 1 person out of  every 20 got cancer. Today, 1 person in 3 will get cancer! A frightening thought!

Along the way I found some pretty interesting information, which I want to share with you today in the hope that it may be of benefit to you. We all know that cancer almost always is the death knoll of diseases. We all know someone with cancer, or perhaps even you yourself have been diagnosed with it, and there is that sinking feeling that your number is finally up.

However, the more I read about this disease, the more positive I began to feel about the prognosis, both short term and long term, and that there are many natural cancer cures  out there that are not only sound, but work!

Now, cancer is an industry. Without trying to sound too cynical, it is a disease that has had many doctors and even laymen in the past claim that they have found a cure for cancer, only for them to be vilified and scorned, hounded out of town, thrown in jail, or worse. This is not because they were charlatans or quacks, but because they threatened the livelihood of major business owners and corporations that benefit financially from this disease.

Just think for a moment of all the stakeholders in "fighting cancer" from the cancer society who collects your money on the street for research that often gets buried, to the pharmaceutical giants who sell the medications, the chemicals for chemotherapy, the radiation treatments, the manufacturers of the machinery required, the list goes on.

As I said before, cancer is an industry. Any cure for cancer is a threat to all these organizations. They would suddenly be out of business. So when a natural cancer cure is found, the person responsible is either ridiculed by his peers and superiors, or his cure is bought up, all is hushed up, and the cure is never mentioned again.

To me this is a sin. So many people die from cancer, my own family members included, and since then I have discovered that there are some simple natural cancer cures out there that are said to work. Now, I am no doctor, and I make no promises about these natural cancer remedies. I say this, because like any medicine, conventional or alternative, we all react to them in different ways. Some with success, some without.

Cancer advances in stages, and the success of any cancer treatment depends on how quickly you are able to treat it.

What do we know about Cancer Today?

We know that cancer can be caused by our environment, genetics and our diet. Again, I repeat, we are what we eat.

Casein and Cancer

It is the casein, which makes up 87% of cow's milk protein promotes all stages of the cancer process. Therefore, one should avoid all dairy products such as milk, cream, ice cream, butter, cheese.

Foci, are precursor clusters of cells that have the ability to become tumors. And although most foci do not become full-blown tumors, their presence is indicative of potential tumor development. It was found that there is a direct correlation between how much protein was eaten and foci cell development.

The more protein eaten, the more presence of foci cells. It has been found that prostrate cancer has been linked to a diet high in dairy. Those who have this sort of diet are twice to four times likely to get prostrate cancer than those who don't.

Sugar and Cancer

Sugar when it enters the bloodstream upsets the balance of the pH level of the blood. For us to be free of disease, we need to have a pH in our blood of 7.35 to 7.45 which is a fairly narrow range. When we eat certain foods, it can either make our blood more acidic or more alkaline. It is the foods that make our blood more acidic that we have to watch, because it is in this environment that causes cancers to form. Sugar is one of cancer's best feeders.

In our bodies we often have the fungus candida albicans. It is this fungus that feeds on sugary foods. It is also this fungus, that an Italian oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini has earmarked as the cause of cancer, and he says that cancer is nothing more than a fungus.

Family History and Cancer

There are certain cancers that seem to "run in the family". Some types of breast cancer and colon cancers seem to by typical of this. No one seems to know why, but perhaps it could be again diet related, as we often eat the same foods that we were given as a child. Just a thought.

Cancer is a Fungus

A mouth affected by candida albicans

Through careful observation and extrapolation of ideas, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist, made the statement back in 1983 to his colleagues and peers of his discovery. His story and his methods of treatment, simple, unconventional, and heavily criticized by those with the most to loose, can be see below.

Conventional Cures vs Natural Cancer Cures

I also want to say, that if I were diagnosed with cancer, I would not opt for surgery, radiation or chemotherapy as a first resort.

The problem with radiation is that the more you are exposed to radiation the more chance you have of getting cancer. It is a fact that radiologists, years ago, had to wear lead jackets to protect themselves from the harmful rays. Nowadays, they are given a small booth to screen themselves from the radiation taking place. The walls of the room used for this treatment are lined with lead to prevent the radiation from leaking.

With chemotherapy the side-effects can be horrendous from losing one's hair, to feeling weak and nauseous, among other things.

In both cases, neither chemotherapy, nor radiation can differentiate between healthy or cancerous cells, which means that they end up destroying a lot of good cells too!

Conventional treatment for cancer is expensive. Expensive, because those that provide the resources for this sort of care know that it is human nature to spend anything just to make sure that our loved ones don't die, even if it means mortgaging the house, spending the children's college funds, spending all your savings etc.

And then along come alternative, natural cancer cures that cost virtually nothing, by comparison. The cancer industry goes into a spin. I will come back to Dr. Simoncini in a minute, because what comes before helps illustrate his claims.

The 4 Natural Cancer Cure Options

1. Soursop as a Natural Cancer Cure

soursop fruit and a glass of juice

Soursop (graviola, or guanabana as it is also called) is a tropical fruit that grows in warm climates around the world and can be found in Asia, Australia, South Africa and South America among others. It is a fairly large fruit, green on the outside, with a rough, knobbly skin with a creamy white flesh with rather large seeds. The flesh, soft when ripe, is rather delicious and can be eaten whole, with other fruit in a fruit salad, or even better still juiced up. The soursop is related to the custard apple, which some of you may be more familiar with.

However, the reason why I mention soursop as a natural cure for cancer, is because it has been scientifically proven to be 10,000 times more effective in killing cancer cells than adriamycin (a chemo therapy drug) used in chemotherapy. In addition, it attacks only the cancerous cells, leaves the healthy cells alone, and there are no side effects, unlike chemotherapy!

There are limits, however, to the type of cancers soursop can cure. There are 12 types of cancer altogether, including breast cancer, prostrate cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Once it was found by the huge medical research companies that soursop was a natural cancer cure, they tried to produce a synthetic drug, just as Aspirin is a synthetic drug from the common willow tree, they found that no matter what they tried, they couldn't reproduce the effective agents that were identified as curing this disease. As a result their research was shelved.

There is more to this story, and perhaps when you have read this article to the end, to see the most amazing natural cure for cancer that literally costs cents, and can be purchased in your supermarkets, you can read more about the soursop research here.

I just want to add, that you will always read articles saying how dangerous alternative cures for cancer are, and soursop is one that is targeted. The most common citing is that it is dangerous because not enough research has been done on humans, so stay away from it. Soursop is a fruit that has been eaten for centuries. Going back to cancer being a fungus, soursop is known for its anti-fungal properties.

There is no more danger eating soursop than eating an apple every day! These are the scaremongers who are part of the cancer industry trying to frighten you into trying something that they don't have any control over.

2. A Natural Cancer Cure in Spices

Certain spices have been found to contain curcumin, that is a potent blocker to cancer development. Curcumin, largely found in turmeric, and in small amounts in ginger, and which gives curry powder its yellow color, used daily in a diet can a diet, will not only block the protein Kappa B that can cause both cancer and arthritis, but it also causes the cancer cells to self-destruct. Curcumin has been proven useful in treating breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and different types of melanoma. Black pepper has been found to increase the absorption by the body of this healing spice. As an aside, curcumin is also said to prevent Alzheimer's Disease. It is a known fact that Alzheimer's is virtually unknown in India.

Now you will see a number of companies selling supplements of curcumin, but most of them are useless. This is because the way in which curcumin is made, it doesn't cross the intestinal wall intact, in fact it gets broken down into metabolites first.

However, because of the way in which Indian people prepare their curries by frying off the spices first, either in ghee (clarified butter) or coconut oil (another very healthy oil that is on a par, or perhaps even better than olive oil) this frying process of the spices the fats creates a mini capsule that then allows the curcumin to get across the intestinal wall protect the body from cancer in that way.

One supplement company that has done a lot of research into their products and can be recommended, is Longvida.Their research into curcumin has undergone numerous clinical and scientific studies, and their results published in several well known academic journals. With their capsules, only 80g a day can result in a range of health benefits.

3. Dr. Simoncini's Bicarbonate of Soda Natural Cancer Cure

I did warn you that you would be surprised! When I first saw articles of this nature, I was really skeptical, until I did some research on Simoncini and was blown away by what I found. In brief, he is a trained oncologist from Rome, Italy who was devastated by his work, seeing people dying of cancer every day, no matter what they did for them, and he was particularly upset when his children patients died.

He says that he prayed very hard for God to reveal to him the cause of cancer, because he was always told by his university professors that cancer was a mystery and that no one really knew what caused it. He goes on to say that it came to him on examining cancerous tumors, that they are always white.

It was after this that he connected the dots and he now firmly believes that cancer is a fungus that enters the system and causes the havoc that ends in death. Just as there are fungal infections on the skin, and on plants, he believed that cancer is a fungal infection and has had success with his methods. And with what you may ask? Bicarbonate of Soda! I bet that surprised you!!!

And, for those of us who are still skeptical, remember that both soursop and the curcumin used with success for cancer, also have well-known anti-fungal properties!

' His first case was in the late 1970s. A mother had taken her eleven-year-old boy to the university where Simoncini worked. The child had been in a coma for fifteen days due to a metastasis of lymphoma in his brain. Dr. Simoncini began sodium bicarbonate infusions at 11:30 in the morning, the same day the boy entered the hospital ward. By that evening, the boy woke up and was able to go to the restroom by himself.

Another significant case that Dr. Simoncini remembers took place in 1983. The patient had lung cancer. After nine months of receiving intravenous sodium bicarbonate for six out of seven days per week, every week, the man was completely cancer free.

Naturally, Dr. Simoncini was thrilled with the results. Much to his dismay, however, his colleagues at the university refused to cooperated with him to administer the protocol, (now called the Simoncini protocol), on other patients. "The medical community that I thought would applaud such positive results turned against me, " he said. "Other doctors weren't ready for this. I was persecuted, ostracized, and disbarred. Even though I could no longer practice medicine with patients, I didn't stop my work. I consulted. I now speak about it scientifically. I can advise people. I have collaborators in Italy, Switzerland and Spain." Some of his collaborators are surgeons and doctors.'

An excerpt from the book "Embrace, Release, Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About, and Treating Cancer" by Leigh Fortson.

doctor tullio simoncini

It may also surprise you that Dr. Simoncini has been curing patients for more than 40 years using this method. So why hasn't he received a Noble Prize for his efforts? Because the cancer industry doesn't want the world to know about a doctor who cures cancer using a product that costs a couple of dollars off the supermarket shelves!

We all know too, as I mentioned in the beginning, that cancer can be tricky to cure due to its rampant nature, and how far the disease has spread before you seek treatment. Doctors lose cancer patients all the time, that is the sad fact of life. Yet,  when one of Dr. Simoncini's patients died, he was thrown in jail for 3 years. Luckily, he had good lawyers and he was eventually released!

He will be the first one to admit that he has a 90%  success rate if patients seek treatment fairly quickly after being diagnosed. For certain types of cancer, such as vaginal, cervical, colon cancer, for example the bicarbonate of soda is mixed with water and taken either vaginally for the first two cancers as a douche, or for colon cancer it is drunk. For other cancers where you need to get to the deep seat of it, such as prostrate, breast or brain cancer, the bicarbonate of soda is administered via a catheter and placed into an artery.

One type of cancer that he has not had a lot of success with is bone cancer, as he has been unable to find a way to get the bicarbonate of soda into the bone itself.

4. Dr. Simoncini's Iodine Natural Cure for Skin Cancer

Now, I am going to start off this section by telling you about my dog to illustrate a point. She picked up ringworm, which you probably know is not a worm at all but a fungal infection. I found a natural cure in iodine. I dabbed her spots every day, twice a day for about 5  days and her ringworm cleared up in no time.

The reason why I told you that story is to illustrate the common link between a fungal infection of the skin in ringworm, and the proposal by Dr. Simoncini that skin cancer is a fungal infection too, which can be treated with iodine. He made this connection after successfully treating psoriasis with iodine.

A bottle of iodine

As a result, he has had further success in treating people with skin cancer by just getting them to dab iodine on the skin cancer several times a day for several days. This is because skin cancer is a fungal infection, nothing more, nothing less.

I do hope that you will share this article and spread the word. We need to get the word out there of the work of this wonderful man, who is passionate about what he does, and has been invited all over the world to speak of his discovery and his success rate of curing cancer naturally. Although shunned by the West, he now has a clinic in Tokyo, Japan where he has been inundated with patients seeking his treatment.

Cancer is Avoidable

I do believe that most cancers are avoidable, especially those that are diet related.

  • Try eating plenty of homegrown or organic vegetables. A raw food diet is the best, or if cooked, steamed.
  • Drink fresh vegetables juices.
  • Fresh nuts, fish such as sockeye salmon (not farmed), cod, organic poultry, whole eggs, and grass fed beef.
  • Drink bottled mineral water, not deadly fluoride-laden tap water, avoid sodas and alcoholic beverages as much as possible.
  • Avoid manufactured, ready-made meals as these are saturated with fats, preservatives and sweeteners.
  • Avoid sugars, starches and grains.
  • Avoid all GMO foods especially soya and corn
  • Exercise and expose your body to the sun for at least 20 minutes a day
  • Increase your intake of Vitamin C, as this is also a natural cancer cure
  • Keep your bloodstream free from being a host to cancer cells by keeping it alkaline and drinking 2 glasses of water with 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in each. Mix with a little hot water to dissolve the salts. Fill up with bottled pure water. Take each glass at least 5 hours apart. Do not increase the dosage, as your blood acidity/alkaline range is very narrow.

Other Sites that May be of Interest

  • John Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center ran clinical trials with an anti-fungal, FDA approved drug called itraconazole. Fancy that! An anti-fungal drug! Pity that it caused heart failure in their subjects!

John Hopkins clinical trials for cancer

A Video on the Natural Cancer Cure Coverups

This is a long video, but well worth the watch it you want to see exactly who controls your health, what is available to you, and how many natural cancer cure options you have been denied by Big Pharma!

By Kathryn Bax

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