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How to Cleanse your Liver to Remove Liver Spots

As we get older our skin changes, and we notice that on the backs of our hands we get brown spots, known as "liver spots". These spots are not as harmless as we have been led to believe, and although many are caused by exposure to the sun, they are also an outward indication of a very sluggish liver.

They could be an outward sign that you have a build up of wastes known as lipofuscin accumulation slowly destroying them, including both brain and liver cells. These wastes are also known to affect other internal organs as well, including the heart and the retina in your eyes. These free radicals attacking the cells can be caused by diet, smoking, poor liver function, lack of exercise and exposure to the sun.

How do I Know if I have a Sluggish Liver?

Do you have a sluggish liver? Well you do if you have the following symptoms:

  • Feeling listless and depressed
  • Feeling tired all the time for no reason
  • You have various allergies
  • You have a large stomach even though the rest of your body is thin
  • You sometimes experience confusion and feeling a bit spacey at times
  • Your elimination is sluggish; general constipation alternating to diarrhea
  • You have lots of headaches
  • You have bags under your eyes
  • You have either menstrual or PMS issues
  • Yellowish tint or liver spots on the skin
  • Your hair is lank and is slow to grow
  • Your skin itches from time to time
  • Anemia and large bruise patches indicate severe exhaustion

Cleanse your Liver with a Detox Program

If you have many of these symptoms, it is time for a liver detox. Thankfully, the liver is an organ in our body that can rejuvenate itself.

So the first remedy for liver spots would be to change your diet if you have not been out in the sun for most of your life. So how do your do that? Well, foods to avoid are dairy and red meat. The saturated fats congest the liver and preventing the liver from detoxifying the blood.

Go on a strict  vegetarian diet. Eat as many raw foods as possible. Avoid all meat totally for at least 1 month, avoid coffee, alcohol, sugar, fats and processed foods. Eat beets, artichokes, radishes and dandelions as these promote the flow of bile, through which chemicals and toxins are released from your liver.  

Follow a cleansing program over 10 days to cleanse your liver by drinking distilled water and fresh lemon juice on rising. Eat fresh fruit and raw vegetables only. See our section on weight loss and follow the 10 day cleansing diet. Make sure that you rise every morning and drink a glass of warm water to which the juice of 1/2 a lemon has been added. Make sure that you have lots of Vitamin C foods for good iron absorption.  Your liver will renew itself within 3-6 months.

  • Increase your intake of collagen-building vitamin C by eating foods such as cantaloupe, oranges, mangoes, blackberries, broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamin A, as this can significantly reduce liver spots; kale, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, mangoes, apricots, carrots and cabbage.
  • You also need to cut down on fatty foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, and have a salad at least once a day.
  • Eat raw where you can, and then steam rather than boil, grill rather than fry. 
  • Take a daily vegetable juice cocktail of 6 ounces of tomato juice with a dash of lemon juice first thing in the morning. This will also help cleanse your liver.
  • Eat less acid-forming foods which create excess waste. Acid forming foods are deadly, causing the acidosis in the bloodstream and a breeding ground for cancer and other illnesses.
  •  Exercise and drinking enough fluids will also help in getting rid of any toxins in the body and reduce the presence of liver spots.
  • Continue to drink a cup of hot tomato juice once a week to flush any toxins out of your system. You can do this for 4 weeks, and then reduce it to twice a month, followed by just once a month.

Acid Forming Food List

As part of your detox diet, you are to stay away from acid forming foods. These are foods that cause acidosis of the blood and cause a whole ranges of illnesses in the body. So which foods should you avoid while you are on your detox program?

  • Sugar both white or brown
  • Refined foods and flour
  • Coffee
  • Sodas
  • Alcohol
  • Red Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Grains and Bread
  • Corn
  • Legumes
  • Dairy
  • Pasta
  • Eggs

After you have changed your diet, and start eating the foods suggested your will see signs of improvement that shows that your body is responding to the cleansing diet. Your skin will improve,  the liver spots will go, along with any skin problems that you may have had prior to starting the detox program. If you had stiff muscles, these will disappear, and you will get warmth back to your hands and feet. If you have lots of headaches and migraines, these will lesson and hopefully eventually go too.

How to Remove Liver Spots on the Skin

There are a number of things you can put on the spots to fade them while you are on your cleansing diet. You can do the following:

  • Topically, you can apply cucumber juice to the liver spots. Allow the juice to dry on the skin as it acts as a bleaching agent.
  • You can also use a paste of finely grated cucumber together with finely sieved tomato pulp. Add a couple of drops of lemon juice to the past and place on the liver spots with a piece of gauze. I prefer the cucumber juice, it works just as well, without all the mess.
By Kathryn Bax

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