“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

Homemade Hair Setting Lotion Recipes that are Easy to Make

Try our homemade hair setting lotion recipes that are quick and easy to make. They contain no harsh chemicals that will damage your hair, or the environment. All these hair lotions are made with natural ingredients that will make your hair set beautifully and are all easy to remove once you want to wash them out.

Beer for example is a great setting lotion, especially for fine hair. Keep some in a jar in the fridge and just comb it through your hair and set. The smell disappears once the hair is dry. If you want to see what other simple ingredients can be used on your hair, then you will just have to keep reading!

We hope you enjoy the rest of the recipes!

Homemade Hair Setting Lotion Recipes

Gelatine Setting Lotion

  • 1 level teaspoon powdered gelatine
  • 1/2 cup warm water
  • 1 level teaspoon glycerine
  • 1 teaspoon Eau de Cologne
  • cold water

Dissolve gelatine in the warm water. Add the glycerine and the Eau de Cologne. Add enough cold water to add up to 2 cups. Comb through the hair and set.

Homemade Hair Setting Lotion for Curlers

For those of you who don't have curling tongs, but rely on curlers, this setting lotion is perfect. You will have to find some quince seeds, however, and if you grow this lovely, old-fashioned fruit in your gardens, then you will have ready access to these.

quince fruit, the seed can be used for a hair setting lotion
  • Boil 1 tablespoon of bruised quince seeds in 1 pint (475 ml) water until the mount of water is reduced to 3 gills (355 ml)
  • When cold, strain and add 1 tablespoon of Eau de Cologne and 15 drops of NüKira Bay Rum essential oil.
  • Bottle, seal and shake before use
  • Dip your comb into this excellent homemade hair setting lotion and use on damp hair, before rolling with the curlers

Flax Seed Homemade Hair Setting Lotion

flax seed, or linseed used as a hair setting lotion

This particular hair setting lotion leave your hair shiny and soft as well as holding your hair into a good curl. Flax seeds, also known as linseed, can be purchased in your local heath shop.

  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1 teaspoon flax seeds

Place the water and the flax seeds into a saucepan and simmer for 5 minutes. Strain, cool and bottle. When you are ready to use it, wet your hair with the solution, and then put the curlers into your hair and set as normal.

Hair Setting Lotion for Greasy Hair

Hair seems to go through stages, and when you are young, greasy hair seems to be the norm. However, thankfully, as one gets older, this is often, no longer true. If you do have greasy or oily prone hair, you will know that it is difficult to decide what to use, especially with it comes to a setting lotion. You don't want to add to the problem and make it more oily!

The following recipe is perfect for oily hair as the lemon not sets the hair, but it also acts as a cleaning agent and an astringent.

  • Roughly chop an entire lemon, peel on, boil it in a cup of water until reduced by half. Add a teaspoon of vodka, strain and keep in a spray bottle when you want to set your hair.

By Kathryn Bax

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