Natural Remedies for Health and Beauty

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

Are you constantly looking for dependable natural remedies to heal yourself with that you can easily make at home? Or do you want to make natural beauty products because they are free from harsh chemicals? Often the recipes that one finds these days contain ingredients that one can hardly pronounce, let alone find. As a result, I stick with what I know works, and what I can find readily in my kitchen and garden. These are the natural home remedies for both your health and beauty that I share with you here.

In a time of need or crisis you need a remedy now, not later. You need a remedy that uses common items that you can find immediately in your homes. The same goes for finding natural ingredients for body care.

What sets us Apart from the Rest?

The home remedies and recipes here are simple salt, raw grated potatoes, and honey can all be used for burns with great effect. Salt will draw the heat out, as will honey, although salt will do so a little quicker. Honey soothes and reduces scarring, and the raw potato can be used as a poultice too. Raw potatoes are so good for burns that they use this method in some Indian hospitals still today.

When it comes to looking at natural body care, lemon juice for example, will give you beautiful skin.

These are the types of home remedies for health and beauty that you will find here. They have been used for many years successfully, so the good news is that they work!

Why use Natural Home Remedies?

A jar of honey, a cut lemon and a piece of ginger

In a nutshell,  because they are:

  • gentle on your body
  • easy to find
  • easy to use
  • cheap to make
  • they work!

The old adage, "Less is more", applies here for many of these remedies use only a few ingredients. This makes it very simple for you when looking for a quick fix.

Learn to Look at Food and Plants Differently

Once you start exploring the healing properties of food and herbs you will soon realize that there are a lot of healing herbs, plants, food and spices in your home that you didn't even know about.

Natural Remedies in God's Pharmacy

Before you reach for the antibiotics treat yourself at home first as this option is more gentle on your body. If you are still no better, then of course, you should go to your doctor.

I am a total believer that in herbs and plants we have God's pharmacy at our fingertips. Of the 298,000 plant species out there 1 % is used by us for food. Between 10-15% has traditionally been used for herbal cures and medicine, and that doesn't include the healing foods that you should be eating as part of your daily diet.

There is a cure for every illness somewhere in these plants and foods. And for thousands of years people have treated themselves by using these as herbal remedies. We need to be back in control of our own health as much as we can.

Healthy Food = A Healthy Body = Less Health Problems

Eating properly, and seeing food as something that provides us with nature's medication is the keystone to good health. That, and of course genetics. But if you make your own food from scratch using wholesome ingredients, stay away from fast foods, GMO foods, processed foods and additives, then you are giving yourself the best chance of being and staying healthy.

We are often sick by the very food that we eat. It is poisoning our systems. Much of the food we eat causes acidosis in our bloodstream which in turn, is an ideal breeding ground for cancer and other illnesses.

Prevention is better that cure. Start eating more healthily and you will see that many of your ailments will improve.

My Personal Experience

I am not a doctor. I don't profess to be. However, having reached more than half a century I know that when I treat my body with certain, proven home preparations, I feel better.

When I burn myself, I reach for the honey. When I get cystitis I reach for the cider vinegar. My symptoms go, and therefore I know that that particular remedy worked.

When people have been using certain ways to heal themselves over the centuries, that says it all!

A pestle and mortar with herbs and spices.

Healing herbs and spices found in most homes

Natural Remedies for Health :

 home remedies

A pestle and mortar with a variety of herbs.

food for health

A bunch of cranberries on the plant

herbs for health

A wicker basket filled with lavender


a collection of essential oils for aromatherapy

spices for health

A bundle of cinnamon sticks tied together with a red ribbon with star anise and cloves.

natural weight loss

a young woman showing weight loss

children's remedies

A toddler

health recipes

a jar of organic honey, ginger and 2 lemon halves

buy products and books online

a book on natural health remedies

By Kathryn Bax

Natural Remedies for Beauty and Body Care:

natural body care

Natural body care thumbnail

homemade beauty recipes

Homemade bath salts, a daisy and a bar of soap

make your own perfumes

2 jars of homemade perfume

buy organic products

A gift bag of organic beauty products

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